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It is inevitable that internationalism is the first stepping level to enhance the possibility of Indonesia positions in the 21st century. Nowadays, Indonesia is facing challenges to actively engage in the world emerging economic market, such as in ASEAN community and IORA-Indian Ocean Rim Association. Therefore, kind of relevant Internationalism in Indonesia should relate to a movement to create greater economic impact and hegemonic society. Ever since the beginning of internationalism concept has widespread in Indonesia, there has been a perpetual discourse between realists and liberals about the nature of interstate relations. The Indonesian liberals interpret the meaning of internationalism as a process of spreading Western model of democracy. They believe it leads to the progressive international relations.

However, internationalism should represent the condition or quality of being international in character, principles, or attitude. Therefore, a strategic policy or practice of cooperation among nations, especially in politics and economic matters should represent Indonesians position and its cultural background as cutting edge of Indonesias richness.To succeed in bargaining international recognition, Indonesia should adopt internationalism concept relevant to opportunity driven

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