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googlingDo you use google search

Yes, I do.

I search anything using google than bing.

Have you try to search something that fun

No, Not compared by the result but the suggest itself.

just take a look for some key words here a while, you would smile by watch the suggests that google give to you.

How I do this

First, set your google to global (or change the language to english) if you not in america. then do this..

try to search WHEN WILL

google search

How can google know when you die

try to search CAN I HAVE A

google search

Here you go your napkin.

try to search CAN I BE

google search

do you want to pregnant or not

try to search IS IT IMPOSIBLE

google search

do you like my elbow

try to search AM I A

google search

some people dont remember that they were a vampire

try to search IS IT TRUE

google search

some people worried about 2012 and Rihanna

Fun eh

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