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Nowadays, popularizing science on the popular media is an unquestionable thing. As 21st century civics, apparently people get used to utilize various kind of media to disseminate the information. Pop media with all its inherent benefits, practically has given so many unbeatable actions.

From my point of view, popular media could be informative, educative and importantly providing amusement for its audiences. Therefore, the disseminated information might have wider impact influencing the way of thinking and behave of its users.

Wondering whether science information is relevant to non-scientific communities, then popular media can be perceived to play role as science disseminator or even science communicator. To some extent, to one degree or another, this media is having the possibility of sharing information with others (and we all which makes audiences as a potential, waiting-in-the-wings, about-to-happen disseminator (what do you think mate)

Here we are now discussing about how popular media can engage audiences into the depth of scientific issues in illuminating the problem of this age. Lets we take one example of popular media such as FILM. Film as an undoubted medium for enlarging people appreciation of the principles and science mechanism can demonstrate how S & T is actually stay closer to peoples daily life. The films are important instruments to build curiosity and theory relevance into particularly human issues. In using the medium of film in popularizing science, there is a future to create audiences involvement conscious and unconsciously into the Public Understanding of Science (PUS).

As far as the present of level of scientific understanding is concerned by the general assumption of scientific secrecy, many people feel frightened and have valid reason for not trying to understand the working of science and scientists achievements. Then, popular educational films have been questioned by bias opinions about the essentially of showing scientific film in cinema.
In using the medium of film in popularizing science, there is a further action to be considered blatantly, the fact that the film medium has grown up widely as a big industry full of entertainment with cheap validity issues.

Furthermore, many scientific films do not treat scientific facts properly on its path. In many cases, scientific popular films have been confusing the audiences by showing little-known scientific facts with an air of wonder.
Few days ago, I was honored to attend the opening ceremony of Science Film Festival 2014 held by Goethe International at Blitzmegaplex, Grand Indonesia, on 13 November 2014.

At that time, Anies Baswedan, as a Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Department of National Education posed particular statement This event can be a lighter for young generation. Science on the screen is not solely about discovery S &T films but also how the films can inspire people for keeping learn on science and creating atmosphere to share the knowledge which concurrently inspiring others

As we know, the influence of scientific film exerts on behavior and opinion though largely unmeasured. However, there is an obvious sociological reason why science on screen does likely grab people attention. might put on light the spirit of disseminating science frankly to the wider audiences by giving them particular impressions to communicate the story, whether it has or has not validity facts.Indeed, people might keep thinking about it!

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